Metro buses being called 'LA's biggest homeless shelter' by riders

Some call it "Los Angeles' biggest homeless shelter." Riders are complaining that Metro buses are being used as a place to sleep.

A video shared on social media showed people sleeping in the bus' seats. 

"At night time, from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m., the homeless have nowhere to go," said the man who posted the video. He asked FOX 11 to remain anonymous. "So they all get on the buses and they ride the buses all night. And no, you cannot sit down."

How bad is the problem? The man says the buses can get full during the overnight hours.

"People be fighting to get on the bus, just to secure a seat," he said.

The news of the homeless crisis extending to public transit comes as Metro continues to be at the center of extreme safety concerns. In less than a month, at least four stabbings and a shooting took place on Metro's property across Los Angeles County.

However, over the past month, there have been seven violent incidents taking place on Metro's property:

  • April 22: A deadly stabbing on the B-line in Universal City.
  • May 7: A security guard was stabbed and a suspect was shot and killed in East Hollywood.
  • May 13: A fight on a Metro bus led to a stabbing in Glendale.
  • May 13: A woman was stabbed at a Metro station in South LA.
  • May 14: A bus passenger was beaten and robbed in Encino.
  • May 17: A Metro bus passenger was shot and killed in Commerce.
  • May 21: A Metro bus passenger was stabbed in Lynwood.