LAUSD board to vote on remote learning pact

The Los Angeles Unified School Board will vote on a tentative agreement with the union representing teachers on how to proceed with distanced learning next week as campuses remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic

COVID 19 pandemic disrupts cancer care

Local doctors say the COVID-19 pandemic is causing an unprecedented disruption in cancer care because people are fearful of going to the hospital with coronavirus cases rising.

Deputy pulls rifle on teens

The LA County Sheriffs Department is being criticized after it detained three unarmed black teenagers in a case of mistaken identity and pulled a rifle on them…video of the incident has now gone viral.

Online learning issues for special needs kids

Distance learning is getting to be pretty much routine for a lot of kids as we head into the fall semester. But there is a sub group of students that is not faring so well with this new system.

Churches continue to defy health orders during pandemic

Government health orders prohibit large indoor gatherings-- including those at churches-- But that hasn't prevented a number of churches across the region from holding indoor services anyway- and basically daring authorities to stop them. Hailey Winslow is at one of those churches in Newbury Park.