Sterling Elliott talks about life as a professional cellist

Sterling Elliott has achieved more at 22 then some people do in a lifetime. He's won tons of acclaim for his talent, wowed everyone at The Juilliard School, even played The Hollywood Bowl this summer. Michaela talked to him about his amazing career so far and the other passion he planned to pursue if the cello didn't work out.

Artist bakes cookies to teach important lessons

Jasmine Cho is using what she bakes to educate. She's a self-proclaimed 'cookie activist' and a true artist whose canvas is cookie dough. We talked to her about her work and her mission with these tasty treats that really are good for you. For more information on Jasmine and her work go to or

Deepak Chopra talks 'Mind Body Zone'

Chopra has just launched a new podcast exclusively on Audible called 'Mind Body Zone: Living Outside the Box'. he talked about that and how he and his family have been doing since the pandemic started.

Advancing Justice advocates for treatment instead of incarceration for people with substance use and mental health disorders

September is National recovery month. For tens of thousands of people each year who wind up facing criminal charges relating to their addiction, Drug Courts provide the opportunity for people to receive treatment instead of jail or prison time. Advancing Justice advocates for treatment instead of incarceration for people with substance use and mental health disorders. The director of Advancing Justice, Melissa Fitzgerald, and Drug Court graduate, Carlos Gonzales, join us to discuss these programs.

Helping 'Make-A-Wish' kids one step at a time

For the second time ever, 'Make-A-Wish' Orange County and Inland Empire is holding the 'Trailblaze Challenge'. It's a 28 mike hike along the Pacific Crest Trail in Big bear and more importantly a fundraiser for the organization. It's happening October 15-17 and more information is available at ''.

Sammy Hagar rocks the house on Good Day LA

The man who just can't drive 55 is set to hit Southern California! Hagar has shows in Huntington Beach and Catalina next month and will also make history in Vegas next week. The singer also talked about why he loves to still do things that he's never done before and that time he beat Sylvester Stallone at arm wrestling.

Must read books for the Fall

So many book and so little time. Author, podcast host, and now book publisher Zibby Owens tells us which reads we need to make time for in the coming months.

Author explains impact of 9/11 on kids in book 'Towers Falling'

For those who lived through it, September 11th, 2001 will always carry deep emotional impact. But for a whole other generation, they only know what they've read or been told. Jewell Parker Rhodes wanted to help push the conversation along with her book 'Towers Falling' which focuses on a group of 5th graders trying to fully understand what that day meant for the country.

Jason Foster discusses Destination Crenshaw

The vision of Destination Crenshaw is creating 1.3 miles of art and culture along Crenshaw Boulevard. We talk to the man behind this ambitious project, Jason Foster, President and COO of Destination Crenshaw.

Tig Notaro talks about returning to the stage

Tig Notaro joined us in studio to talk about all of her projects, including a recently added show at Largo at the Coronet September 18th. She also talked about shooting 'Army of the Dead' by herself, her podcasts, and explained why actress Sarah Paulson is the coolest person ever.

How losing his father on 9/11 changed this man's life

Matt Bocchi was just nine years old when his dad was killed in the 9/11 terror attacks. Since that tragedy, he battled other demons and horrors that no child should ever go through. He dives into all of it in his memoir called "Sway" and talked to us about not only surviving all of it, but coming through stronger than ever.

City of Hope needs your help

City of Hope has saved countless lives but a blood shortage could put lives in jeopardy. We talked to one doctor who explains why 20 minutes of your life could help save someone else's.

Helping graduates find their futures by building hope

One organization has been helping graduates find their career path for more than 25 years...and how's this for a success rate...95 percent of those taking part end up getting hired. We talked to the Executive Director and CEO of 'Hope Builders'...who talked about a big virtual event happening Thursday night and explained why she really loves her job! .

Keeping an important friendship alive against all odds

They say write what you know and Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman have literally written the book on B-F-F's staying together. 'Big Friendship: How We Keep Each Other Close' breaks down the obstacles they faced and how they overcame them so well that they're still besties despite living on opposite coasts.