Remembering Kobe through art

One man has compiled a list of all of the beautiful murals dedicated to Kobe Bryant and the other victims in last year's deadly helicopter crash. Mike Asner talks to Michaela about what inspired him to create .

Remembering Kobe

Kobe Bryant's high school basketball coach and friend Gregg Downer shares memories about the player and the man he became.

Protecting your student’s privacy, closing the digital divide

Technology has helped make being in school possible this school year. Now, as we head into the Spring semester in the age of COVID, there are still many concerns surrounding distance learning. President and CEO of the Center For Democracy & Technology, Alexandra Reeve Givens addresses digital privacy for students and closing the digital divide.

Avoiding COVID-19 learning Loss

As we move into 2021 and a new semester, we will continue to face many distance learning challenges. In fact, the longer we continue at-home learning, the more our kids are at risk of what’s being called COVID-19 learning loss. Here is what you can do to help avoid that.

Stephanie Arnold's story part of new Netflix series Surviving Death

Stephanie Arnold was pregnant with her second child, but she began having premonitions that she was going to die giving birth to her son. Then while she was having an emergency C-section, Stephanie flatlined for 37 seconds before regained consciousness. Now her story is part of a new Netflix series called 'Surviving Death’.

Covid-19 Questions Answered

It's been almost a year since coronavirus became part of our lives and we've learned a lot about it. But this is a virus scientists will spend years studying, so we probably don't know as much as we think we do. Assistant clinical Professor of health science at UCLA Dr. Kien Vuu answers our questions.