Danny Jordan and Nicole Brennan I Am Capable Movement

On International Day of Persons with Disabilities day, Araksya talks to Danny Jordan, creator of "The Capables", and Nicole Brennan, founder of the "I am Possible" foundation, who partnered to create the "I am Capable" movement.

Rock band Mana announces residency at the LA Forum

Mana is one of the most successful rock bands of all time. Now the band is coming to Los Angeles for a special set of shows. The recently announced a residency at the Forum in Inglewood. Amanda Salas spoke to drummer Alex Gonzalez on Good Day LA.

Dr. Tom Kenyon talks about Omicron Variant

Dr. Tom Kenyon is the Chief Health Officer of Project Hope, and the former Director of Global Health for the CDC. He is one of the leading authorities on global vaccination efforts, and talks to Michaela about Omicron, and how vaccination rates around the world play in to mutations and their spread.

(RED) takes its pandemic battle to a whole new level

This World AIDS Day, (RED) is making it easy for consumers to fight pandemics with the new campaign CODE (RED). We talked to the President and C.O.O. of the group about this and how much good (RED) has done since it started 15 years ago.

Return of "Violins of Hope"

Performed by the Los Angeles Jewish Symphony, "Violins of Hope" serves as a reminder of all that was lost in the Holocaust and seeks to highlight the survival of the Jewish people. This morning we were joined by conductor Dr. Noreen Green and violinist Niv Ashkenazi who spoke about the importance of the upcoming concert.

A new twist on Hanukkah latkes with Chef Brad Kent

Here's a recipe for potato pancakes from Brad Kent of the new restaurant - Bagel+Slice. You can check them out this Sunday at their pop up in front of the restaurant - still under construction but opening soon -- at 4751 York Blvd in Highland Park. Ingredients: 1 pound russet potatoes, (about 2 each) washed, shredded skin-on 1/2 of a medium brown onion, peeled, shredded 1 whole egg, beaten 1/2 cup matzo meal or 1/3 c gluten-free flour 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 Tablespoon Kosher salt 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper Olive oil and neutral vegetable oil for frying Method: 1. Place shredded potatoes in tea towel and squeeze water from potatoes into a bowl. Do NOT discard this liquid 2. Beat the egg and add in the shredded onion, salt and pepper\ 3. Add the squeezed shredded potatoes to the egg mixture and top with the matzo meal or gluten free flour and baking powder 4. Gently pour the water off the top of the reserved potato water into the drain and add back all of the remaining white potato starch to the latke base 5. Mix the latke ingredients well with hands and add additional matzoh meal or gluten free flour if needed. 6. Preheat 50% olive oil and 50% vegetable oil in a skillet over medium heat 7. Spoon 2-4 Tbsp. of latke mix to the oil and allow to pan fry until golden on one side. Flip to brown on opposite side. 8. Remove from oil and drain on paper towels 9. Serve hot Traditional garnish is sour cream and apple sauce. A new serving suggestion is the “Bagel+Slice way” with a fried egg and hot sauce on a toasted bagel.

Concerns and fears over Omicron

The fact we don't know a lot about this new Covid variant has a lot of people stressing out and fearful. We talked to someone on the front lines of all this, Dr. James Keany, an ER physician at Providence Mission Hospital in Orange County.

Peng Peng Lee talks Tik Tok Success

Peng Peng Lee has close to 4 million followers on Tik Tok...and that number continues to climb. She talked to us about how she went from gymnastics champ to Tik Tok sensation and the hard work that goes into it.

Ken Lindner

Tony McEwing talks to famed agent Ken Lindner about Lindner's new book: Aspire Higher: How to Find the Love, Positivity, and Purpose to Elevate Your Life and The World!

Brooke Simpson is singing her way to a whole new career level

Brooke Simpson wowed the judges and fans of 'America's Got Talent' and now she ready's ready to ride this wave of success. An upcoming concert and album along with a date on Broadway, Simpson is making her family proud while also celebrating her Native American heritage.

Watching football is good for your mental health

Dr. Natalie Dattilo, a licensed psychologist at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Instructor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, explains why watching football on Thanksgiving is not only a good idea, it’s doctor approved.