Family fun on Tailgate Friday

Mei Ling Nazar and Kelli Gillespie, co-founders of Family Entourage, have great ideas for family friendly treats and DIY at your next tailgate.

How to control those curls

Women and men sometimes have to contend with curls on a daily basis. The woman who created the 'Rizos Curls' line stopped by to show us tips to keep them under control.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Following news from Katie Couric that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing treatment, a doctor from Providence Mission Hospital educates women about breast cancer and mammograms.

Cosmo's travel tips

Jessica Giles is the Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan magazine. She shared some tips to help stay stress-free on vacation and talked about how 'Cosmotrips' can help you plan your next trip.

Dani Dazey keeps on doing her thing her way

Dani lives her life loving color and being bold. As an interior designer and TikTok sensation, she encourages others to take risks in all aspects of their lives. She talked to Amanda all about it.