Abortion ruling and mental health

Dr. Michele Nealon, President of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, on the potential mental health effects of the U.S. Supreme Court's abortion ruling.

Screening & Streaming" 4th of July edition

The Minions finally hits theaters and Stranger Things prepares to wrap up it's penultimate season. These are just a few big things that are Screening & Streaming this weekend. Also, send us your review along with a photo of what you and the family screened and streamed to youreview@fox.com. We will feature the best ones on 'Re-Viewers' which will premiere Monday mornings later in July.

Keeping pets safe during fireworks celebrations

Many Fourth of July shows are coming up .and that doesn't even include the illegal fireworks that will most likely be set off in many neighborhoods. And lots of pets will be shaken up...terrified...to the point it could harm them. We talked to an expert on how to keep our pets safe during the holiday weekend.

Marking 50 years of Title IX with Natasha

Softball legend, Natasha Watley, joins us to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Title IX and shares that she'll be part of the star studded events at Capital One Play Ball Park during MLB All-Star Week in July.

What's Screening & Streaming this weekend

'Elvis' hits movie theaters while Dr. Strange and the folks from "Downton Abbey' come home for free if you have the right subscription service. Amanda Salas tells us what's Screening & Streaming.

Enjoy big cities for $100 or less

George igoe likes to travel and save money and he's found a way to do both. On his show 'George Goes Everywhere', Igoe shows how he can spend an entire day and not break his $100 budget. Amanda Salas talked to him about all of this secrets and got some tips as well.

Screening & Streaming

New movies hitting theaters and streaming this weekend in time for Father's Day. Amanda Salas breaks down what's 'Screening and Streaming'.

Stretch Your Dollar: What to know about expiration dates

Do you have something in your fridge that's just about at its expiration date? Well don't throw anything away yet...we tell you how you can save money on your groceries by not tossing food that's hit its expiration date...because it's still good.