FOX 11 Los Angeles now streaming on FOX LOCAL

FOX 11 Los Angeles is now on the FOX LOCAL app available through Apple TV, Amazon FireTV, Roku and Google Android TV!

FOX LOCAL is your FREE connected TV app for the best coverage of news that matters to you. Stream all of your favorite FOX 11 shows like Good Day, The Issue Is, In Depth and other FOX 11 Originals with no cable subscription or login required. 

Enjoy in-depth reporting about current events in your community. Stream coverage of the biggest stories 24/7 on issues that matter to you—including breaking news, traffic, weather forecasts, politics, sports, health and more.

How To Stream FOX 11 Los Angeles on FOX LOCAL

FOX LOCAL is currently available on Apple TV, Amazon FireTV and Google Android TV – with more devices coming soon! Check back to this page for an updated list of devices where you can stream FOX LOCAL — download today.

Using your device's remote, go to the app store and search FOX LOCAL. Select the app link below which pertains to you.

Apple TV

Amazon FireTV


Google Android TV

  1. Once in your preferred connected tv platform, you will be brought to the home screen.
  2. At the Home screen, you will see a collection of videos with different headings.
  3. Search for "FOX LOCAL" within the CTV platform of choice.