Grand LA is grand result of a PVJOBS project

Success stories are coming out of the Grand LA development, now open in downtown Los Angeles. Over the course of the Grand LA's development, a requirement of the $1 billion project was that 10% of the apprentices would be from at-risk communities.

Community Champions: Project Blue, Pt. 2, LAPD's Watts Rams

The Watts Rams is a youth football program founded by the LAPD to connect with the community through sports. For one LAPD-officer-turned-coach, it was a dream come true to take 24 youth players to America’s biggest game day.

Community Champions: Plus Me Project

The Plus Me Project encourages kids to document their childhood and life story. Some of that will go on to be used for their college applications. FOX 11's Christine Devine spoke with Founder and Executive Director Richard Reyes, who was a student at Occidental College when she launched the nonprofit.