Community Champions: Kids in the Spotlight

This week, we shine light on the nonprofit, Kids in the Spotlight. KITS is a "Script-to-Screen program teaches youth in foster care to write, cast, & star in their own short films; leading to healing, growth, & viable employment."

Community Champions: Food Forward

The non-profit Food Forward takes in donations from wholesalers and offers them up to charities, churches, food banks and community groups.

Community Champions: East Side Riders Bike Club

Who doesn't love a bike ride? There's the fresh air, the exercise, and insight into your community. A Watts/Compton non-profit called East Side Riders Bike Club is making sure kids and families don't miss out on that experience.

Community Champions: Miry's List

Miry's List has been in action since 2018. They have recently rolled out the LA welcome mat to refugees from Afghanistan.