Point of View: How Is One of America’s Highest Gas Taxes Not Enough

California drivers pay more than double the national average for state gasoline taxes. After voters approved another six-cent increase in July, Governor Newsom signed an executive order in September that allows him to redirect some of these funds to programs addressing climate change instead of infrastructure repair. Do you think that was a bait and switch, or do you think he did the right thing?

Point of View: Nothing is fair about California's "Fair Pay" bill

The California legislature has now passed something they call the “fair pay” bill that would allow some college athletes to hire agents, sign endorsement deals, and benefit financially from their high profiles. But it really isn't fair at all.  For the most part, athletes in non-revenue sports aren’t going to get much if any of this pay.  Only a few elite football and basketball players will really benefit.  They’re the ones on TV who are well known.  

California college athlete 'fair pay' bill goes to governor

Athletes at California colleges could hire agents and sign endorsement deals under a bill the state Legislature sent to the governor Wednesday, setting up a potential confrontation with the NCAA that could jeopardize the athletic futures of powerhouse programs like USC, UCLA and Stanford. 

Fox 11's Hal Eisner recounts witnessing an execution

California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a moratorium on executions in the state -- a temporary reprive for more than 700 inmates on death row. Two decades ago, Fox 11 Reporter Hal Eisner was selected as a media witness to an execution. Check out his report from 1998.

Gavin Newsom inauguration on Monday

Gavin Newsom will take the reins on Monday as California's new governor. Good Day LA's. Elex Michaelson is in Sacramento and he poke to the governor-elect about his plans for the golden state.