Gov. Newsom visits littered LA rail site, vows cleanup and more enforcement

Saying images of looted packages littering a stretch of Union Pacific rail tracks in Los Angeles "look like a third-world country," Gov. Gavin Newsom Thursday visited the site to announce a multi-agency push to clean up the mess, along with planned state efforts to combat the rampant theft that produced it.

Newsom slammed for California student COVID test shortage

Millions of test kits were sent to families before and during winter break but millions more were not — raising concerns about school safety now that the state’s 6 million K-12 students are returning to classrooms amid soaring rates of COVID cases.

Gavin Newsom pledges to combat smash-and-grabs

Stung by recent headline-grabbing smash-and-grab robberies, California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday said he will seek more than $300 million in state funding over three years to boost law enforcement efforts to combat retail theft.