Wednesday's Child: Animal-loving Leila would love a forever home

Leila (2006) is a friendly and articulate young girl with a soft heart and a lot of awareness about herself. Like many kids in foster care, she's finding her center. Leila is looking forward to being a part of a loving permanent family who will provide her with emotional stability and consistency.

Wednesday's Child: Will you make a loving, forever home for Juan

Juan (2004) is an athletic teen who enjoys sports, particularly soccer.  He’s open to new experiences and always a team player. With that in mind, we brought Juan to MB2 Raceway in Sylmar, CA. Today he joined Team Wednesday’s Child for some high speed racing simulations through go-carting at this indoor racing facility!

Wednesday's Child: Sweet Joanna looking for a family to call home

Joanna (2011) is a little girl full of joy and happiness, and is waiting for her place with a forever family. We met up with Joanna at a local park for some bubbles, jungle gym activity and some digging.  Joanna fascinates herself with a lot – she’s incredibly sociable, friendly, and loves to play with other children.  

Wednesday's Child: Fun-loving siblings Harmony and Chanz in search of a forever home

Harmony and Chanz are active and fun-loving kids who have a strong sibling connection. Big, sister, Harmony always keeps a watchful eye on her little brother, Chanz whenever she can. These siblings are always open to exploring new adventures and have distinct interests. As there are unique opportunities at the Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena, CA for exploration of their own interests, we spent an afternoon in this exciting place.

Wednesday's Child: Bobbie hopes to find a loving and nurturing forever home

Bobbie (2007) is a friendly and sociable young girl who is waiting for an adoptive family. She enjoys going to school and having the support and friendship of peers. Bobbie has a helpful nature so it wasn’t unusual that she wanted to explore the law enforcement profession for her Wednesday’s Child experience.