In Depth: Animal Rescues, Rock & Roll Radio Theater

In segment one, Hal speaks with Brittany Thorn, executive director of Best Friends Animal Society about the local crisis involving homeless pets. Then, hear from Jennifer sims, a volunteer who assists dogs and cats on Skid Row. Finally, Hal speaks with Maureen Davis about a project to get money into the pockets of striking actors and writers.

In Depth: Student Loans, Green Dot Schools

Hal speaks with Amber Miller of Greenpath Financial Wellness about repaying student loans. He also discusses charter schools with Cristina de Jesus, the president and CEO of Green Dot Schools.

In Depth: Suicide Prevention Month

Hal is joined by Shari Sinwelski, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Vice President of Crisis Care for Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, and Karla Zenteno, a Bilingual Spanish Program Coordinator and 988 Crisis Counselor for Didi Hirsch. They talk about the impact the 988 Suicide Hotline has had over the past year. 

In Depth: Alzheimers and Music

Hal is joined by neuroradiologist Dr. Suzie Bash of RadNet, Inc. They talk about the new Alzheimer’s drug Leqembi. Then, Dr. Dale Bredesen discusses things that work on Alzheimer’s disease even better than drugs. Finally, Allen Sanford joins Hal to discuss next month’s Beachlife Festival in Redondo Beach.

In Depth: LAX Modernization

Hal is on location at LAX. He is joined by LA World Airports CEO Justin Erbacci, who gives us an overview of the $30 billion Capital Improvement project that will transform LAX. 

In Depth: LA Metro

In segment one, Hal is joined by LA Metro CEO Stephanie Wiggins to talk about some of the recent changes and challenging issues affecting the Metro. Then, Metro Art Executive Officer Maya Emsden joins Hal to talk about the art sponsored by the transit agency.

In Depth: Gas Stoves

Hal is joined by Yannai Kashtan, a Ph.D. candidate in Earth System Science at Stanford, to talk about a recent study that showed the dangers in the emissions from gas stoves. Then, Dr. Austin Perlmutter, Internal Medicine Physician and Managing Director at Big Bold Health, talks to Hal about indoor pollution and how it differs from outdoor air pollution, as well as the health impact of food and beverage we consume everyday.

In Depth: Long Beach attractions bouncing back

Hal is joined by the Managing Director of the Queen Mary, Steve Caloca, to talk about the reopening of the ship and its hotel after a three-year shutdown during the pandemic. Then, Dr. Peter Kareiva, president and CEO of the Aquarium of the Pacific, joins Hal to talk about the aquarium’s 25th anniversary. 

In Depth: Summer of Strikes

Hal is joined by entertainment attorney and journalist Jonathan Handel to talk about the impact of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Then, Kevin Klowden, the Chief Global Strategist with the Milken Institute think tank, joins Hal to talk about the economic impact of the labor actions. Personal finance expert Bobbi Rebell joins Hal to give us some examples of coping strategies that could be used by strikers or those who are undergoing any kind of financial difficulties.

In Depth: Disability Pride Month

Hal is joined by Nic Novicki, a disabled comedian, actor, and producer who launched the Disability Film Challenge in 2013. Then, Debbie Pearl with Dream Fetchers talks about her nonprofit that benefits both disabled dogs and disabled humans. Finally, Drew Long discusses her invention "Caroline’s Cart."

In Depth: Catalytic Converters, Travel, Vehicles

Hal is joined by Auto Club of Southern California spokesman Doug Shupe  and DMV Supervising Investigator Ricardo Hernandez to talk about the increase in catalytic converter thefts over the past few years.

In Depth: Theater

Hal is joined by Meghan Pressman, the CEO of Center Theater Group, to discuss the abrupt end of the Mark Taper Forum’s season. Then, Lois Neville and Ellen Boudreau Den Herder join Hal to talk about the Hollywood Fringe Fest. Also, Laemmle theater chain owners Greg and Tish Laemmle discuss what has changed in movie theaters since the pandemic. 

In Depth: Cancer Survivor Month

Good Day LA's Amanda Salas hosts. Amanda shares her cancer battle and triumph. She also speaks with cancer survivor Tesha Ofelira and Milton Liu as well as mother and caregiver Vanessa Henriques. Then, Amanda is joined by a young filmmaker who is exploring her cancer battle through a short film.

In Depth: Artificial Intelligence

Hal Eisner speaks with AI expert Chris Mattmann about the sudden explosion of interest in Artificial Intelligence. Then, entertainment and tech attorney Jonathan Handel joins Hal to talk about the impact of AI in entertainment. Also, hear from Susie Bash, MD, a neuroradiologist with Radnet, on how AI is changing the medical field. 

In Depth: Skydivers and Skid Row Runners

Guest host Marla Tellez talks with Nick Kush, the co-founder of Legacy Expeditions, about the project to raise funds for the families of fallen military members. Marla also speaks with Judge Craig Mitchell and Mario Ocampo about the Skid Row Running Club. 

In Depth: Helping Dogs

Hal is joined by Ryan Boyd, co-founder of Free Animal Doctor, to talk about how crowdfunding assistance has helped nearly a thousand animals with health issues. Hal then speaks with the co-founder of Working Dogs for Warriors about the program that brings rescue dogs and veterans together for their mutual benefit.

In Depth: Tiki

Hal is joined by Indigenous Hospitality Advocate Chockie Tom and founder of "Chuntikis" Julio Gutierrez to talk about the history, culture, and popularity of tiki.

In Depth: San Pedro

Hal is joined by L.A. City Councilman Tim McOsker to talk about the best things about San Pedro. John Warner, the CEO of the Marine Mammal Care Center, joins Hal to talk about what’s going on with that longstanding wildlife hospital. Lastly, Hal is joined by Val James with Jerico Development to talk about the waterfront project known as West Harbor.

In Depth: Tranq, Fentanyl, Vaping

Hal is joined by Dr. Matt Waxman, UCLA Emergency medicine physician and professor, to talk about the emerging deadly drug Tranq and how it is affecting patients they see in the ER.

In Depth: Wastewater and Disease

Hal is joined by Dr. Adam Smith, Associate Professor in the Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering AT USC. He talks about how the testing works, why it’s important and how it became a standard during the COVID-19 epidemic.