What the Hal? How to avoid holiday scams

With the busy holiday shopping season many consumers are online or at malls across the nation hunting for the best deals and gifts. But while finding that deal many people can fall victim to scams

What the Hal? Halloween Safety and raising awareness for autism with blue Halloween buckets

Keeping a child safe is always a parent’s top priority. And on Halloween night basic activities like trick-or-treating could be hard. It was a mother in Hawaii whose Facebook post went viral when she came up with the idea of using blue buckets for kids with autism or who are nonverbal, like her 3-year-old son. A blue bucket is to help those giving out candy know that a child may be autistic, so they may not say the traditional 'trick-or-treat' when you open the door.

What the Hal? United State of Women

The allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Film Producer Harvey Weinstein lit a fire under the women’s movement. Now, more and more women are joining the fight on a wide range of issues, from equal pay to equal power in government and business.

What the Hal? Gunshot sounds and anxiety

Mass shootings seem to be happening more and more; at schools, workplaces, malls, and places of worship. And they have just about everyone on edge. In this podcast we talk about how to deal with "active shooter anxiety" while remaining vigilant and safe. 

What the Hal? Words from Holocaust survivors

They survived the unspeakable-- the Holocaust. David Lenga and Adela Manheimer were both children living in concentration camps at the time of Nazi Germany. Filmmaker Donna Kanter recently released a documentary highlighting stories of people involved in the Holocaust.

What the Hal? Discussing mass shootings from those who have experienced them

It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to live through a mass shooting. Tiffany Huizar survived after being shot three times during the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas in 2017. Steven Campbell was inside the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks when it came under fire on November 2018.

What the Hal? The Dangers of Social Media

Social media can influence people to think and act in different ways. In this podcast we talk about the effects social media has on society, everything from spreading hate, fake videos and even forming eating disorders.

What the Hal? Motown's first A&R man

They are some of the top artists in Motown Stevie Wonder, Martha Reeves and Marvin Gaye and there’s one man who introduced us to these chart-topping artists: William Mickey Stevenson.

Surviving the earthquake: Prepare, Survive, Recover

The 1906 San Francisco Quake is one of the most powerful on record in California. Since then, there have been dozens of strong quakes that have caused widespread damage and loss of life – from the Northridge Quake in Southern California to the Loma Prieta Quake in Northern California.

What The Hal? Healing the environment with TreePeople

In this episode of What The Hal?, Hal Eisner speaks with Andy Lipkis, who started TreePeople in Los Angeles. He's dedicated his life to healing the environment while improving the lives of individuals and communities. Also on the show is Bryan Rekart, Director of Forestry for TreePeople.

What The Hal? The air we breathe

We all do it! In fact, you're doing it right now, right? We're talking about breathing the air around you. The American Lung Association recently issued a report card for cities across the country. In Los Angeles and the counties of Southern California... we got an F. We failed. In fact, we failed in 19 of the last 20 years. To the lung association 80% of that is because of the cars on our roads and freeways. To the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) it's mostly the big trucks.

What The Hal? Affordable college - is there such a thing?

Sam Herbert is graduating high school this year. You know what that means? He just went through a college visiting tour of some 15 colleges across the country. He and his dad, Joe, came to the realization that money was an issue. For many families that's the case.