Most distant world ever explored gets a new name: Arrokoth

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft flew past the snowman-shaped Arrokoth on New Year's Day, years after exploring Pluto. At the time, this small icy world 1 billion miles beyond Pluto was nicknamed Ultima Thule given its vast distance from us.

LAX adding more shuttles; separate lanes for Uber, Lyft

Los Angeles World Airports officials are expected Tuesday to testify before a City Council Committee about the newly conceived 50% expansion of the new pickup lot for taxi and ride-hailing services in face of complaints from some passengers bemoaning long waits for rides.

Uber debuts text-to-911 app feature in L.A. County

Ride-hailing service Uber will debut a text-to-911feature on its phone app Thursday in Los Angeles County, allowing riders and drivers to quickly and discreetly contact law enforcement in the event of an emergency.

Uber warns of delays at LAX

Uber is warning that a new plan at LAX --- to shuttle rideshare passengers to and from the airport -- could cause significant delays.