FOX 11 News In Depth : Iran, human trafficking, Janice Hahn

SEGMENT A:Hahn reacts to Mideast Attacks Supervisor Janice Hahn offers up her reaction to the rocket attacks on Iraqi military bases; she talks about her time in congress negotiating the Iran nuclear treaty, says that she hopes that diplomacy will be able to achieve a peaceful solution, and talks about the heightened security in effect locally.

In Depth: ALS, Cruise Illness, Stop the Bleed

We talk with LAFD firefighter Eric Stevens, his wife and brother. Stevens was diagnosed with ALS, an infectious disease doctor and a travel expert about the recent cases of norovirus on the Norwegian Joy, we have a conversation with a Trauma Surgeon and nurse who talk about the “Stop the Bleed” program and Hal explains latest “What the Hal” Podcast .

Fox 11 News In Depth: LA City Fire Chief

While urban sprawl and changing weather conditions have made firefighting more difficult in the city of LA, the department has grown and adapted to meet the challenges. LA City Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas is a 35 year veteran of the LA City fire department.

In Depth: Saugus Strong

We see a re-enactment video of an active shooter drill held on the campus of Saugus High just weeks before the shooting.

Saugus Strong

Students at Saugus High recount their experiences on the day of the deadly shooting- where they were, how they reacted. 

Wednesday's Child Honored

Christine Devine discusses how she first got involved with Wednesday’s child, and the fact that it resonates with her because her family has adoptees and foster children.