In Depth: Benadryl Challenge

In segment one, Nicole Vale joins Hal to talk about her 14-year-old daughter’s experience with the Benadryl Challenge. It’s a social media challenge where kids are encouraged to take large amounts of Benadryl and take videos of themselves hallucinating.   

Vale’s daughter wound up in the hospital for several days after taking an unknown amount of Benadryl. Vale discusses the dangers and what she thinks can be done to protect kids.

In segment two, Dr. Katherine Williamson, a pediatrician with Children’s Hospital of Orange County, talks to Hal about the Benadryl Challenge and other "challenges" she’s encountered in the hospital.  She talks about how dangerous these challenges are and how they are motivated by social media.

In segment three, Maryann Amirshahi, a Professor of Emergency Medicine and Co-Medical Director at the National Capital Poison Center, talks to Hal about how Benadryl overdoses are handled and some of the other shocking things they’ve seen at the poison center.