In Depth: Madrona Marsh Preserve and Nature Center

In segment one, Elizabeth Evans, the Madrona Marsh Nature Center Manager and Naturalist, joins Hal to tell us about the marsh that has been preserved as a green oasis in the middle of Torrance.   

The area is an vernal marsh, which means it is wet from rain in the spring and then dries out during the dry season of the year. The sump area holds water that can be pumped out into the marsh to support the wildlife.  

Evans tells us about some of the surprising creatures that make the marsh their home, including fairy shrimp, and all the animals that have been captured on the wildlife cameras.

In segment two, Suzan Hubert, president of Friends of Madrona Marsh, shows Hal some of the things that make the marsh special and how it transforms the moods and attitudes of those who visit. 

She talks about what both children and adults can learn from the marsh, and tells us about the fundraiser that will be held on August 11 to commemorate 50 years of the organization. For more information, visit

In segment three, Liz Evans is back with us to take us on a tour of the nature center with its live animals, dioramas of taxidermized creatures, and its historical artifacts. 

The nature center also has a native garden that allows visitors to see native vegetation flourishing, which could be something that would transform their own environment.