In Depth: Hollywood Fringe Fest, Disability Film Awards

In segment one, Lois Neville and Ellen Boudreau Den Herder, the co-directors of the Hollywood Fringe Fest, join Hal to give us a preview of the festival that features some of the less mainstream performance artists.  

There are dozens of shows throughout June, and most of them are only about $15 apiece. More information is available at 

In segment two, actor and comedian Nic Novicki, the founder of the Disability Film Challenge, which is back for an 11th year, tells us all about the challenge that features disabled performers, and other entertainment types creating short films.  

The event gives exposure to individuals who might not otherwise get a shot at an entertainment career.

In segment three, Lee Pugsley is the winner of Best Film "Audio Description " at those Disability Film Awards.

Pugsley is legally blind, and works with his disability to educate and familiarize people with the experience of dealing with people who have disabilities. 

 Pugsley tells us about his experience winning the award and what he hopes to achieve going forward.