In Depth: Home Kitchens and Revolution Carts

In segment one, Roya Bagheri, Executive Director of talked to Hal about the legalization of Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations, or "MEHKOS" and how that will help home chefs.  The program, which was implemented in California, has only recently been approved in LA County and takes effect in November.

Bagheri runs through the regulations that will be implemented and explains how Cook Alliance helps those home chefs negotiate the business part of their home business. They also offer training through Cook Academy, which offers a $3000 grant for graduates along with three units of college credit.  Their website is

In segment two, Diana Tapiz jumped aboard the Mehko program when it first began in San Diego County and now her home kitchen "Tres Fuegos Cocina" is expanding into catering.   Tapiz explains her experience with the Mehko program, how it has benefited her and her family and her advice to other aspiring home cooks when the program arrives in LA County.

In segment three, Matt Geller, co-founder and CEO of the Southern California Mobile Food Vendors Association and the co-founder of Revolution Carts talks to Hal about how the vending carts are making a big difference to street vendors.  

 The LA County Health Department permits the carts and relieves vendors of an obstacle to making a living.  He also talks about how those carts were created, and the loving artistry that goes into the design.  A partnership with sponsors also allows some street vendors to get those carts for free.  More information is available on