LA County spending $400,000 to hire 2 PR firms to guide coronavirus messaging

FOX 11 has obtained contracts showing that Los Angeles County has hired not one, but two public relations firms to craft and guide the county’s coronavirus messaging, despite the fact that the county already has fully staffed, paid communications teams, and the county is also hoping to be reimbursed with disaster relief funds.

LA to install food pickup parking zones

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation plans to install temporary food pick-up parking zone signs near approved restaurants, as the food industry has had to pivot to pick-up and delivery service only during the COVID-19 outbreak.

California students likely won't return to class this school year

California students will likely not return to campuses this school year because of safety concerns and the need for social distancing prompted by the coronavirus outbreak, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond wrote county superintendents on Tuesday.

Hundreds gather at LA street takeovers, drag races during COVID-19 lockdown

Not even a global pandemic has been enough to stop street takeovers and street racing on L.A.'s roads despite strict stay at home orders across the state and the county. Hundreds continue to flood into the streets to watch the dangerous and illegal behavior risking further spread of the coronavirus.

Mayor Garcetti clamps down on dangerously crowded farmers markets

It was the tweet read around the world. Author Katherine Schwarzenegger tweeted a picture of the Farmers Market in Brentwood from Sunday, March 29. It read " The farmers market in Brentwood still being open seems like a huge issue when it comes to social gatherings. " A photo was attached to the tweet of a market looking extremely crowded.