Helpful Honda guys surprise Long Beach homeless man

You don’t often hear the words, "beloved" and "homeless" said together. But that’s how locals and business owners in the Lakewood Village neighborhood of Long Beach describe 73-year-old Jerry Pryor.  

School Standouts: Student becomes self-published author at 17 years old

She’s an athlete, a straight-A student and now she’s a self-published author and she’s only 17 years old. Kate Rael is a high school senior at Woodrow Wilson Classical High School in Long Beach, California and she is literally the epitome of determination and resilience.

Long Beach family killed by alleged DUI driver

“The entire family was just wiped out... It’s just tough to swallow,” said CSULB Professor James Schrage  He’s having a difficult time dealing with the loss of his former student.

Long Beach family killed by alleged DUI driver

Days after an entire family died because of a suspected DUI driver on Halloween. Long Beach residents remain in shock and in mourning. Memorials have sprung up throughout the city and a vigil is planned for Tuesday night.