Lancaster student goes viral after tweeting about frustration to Gov. Newsom

High school athletes have lost time and opportunities because of the pandemic. One local football player was vocal on Twitter about it. Isaiah Navarro from Lancaster went viral after tweeting to California Gov. Gavin Newsom about his concerns of school and sports...blaming the governor for everything he and so many other students have missed out on. Navarro joins Elex and Christine to talk about his frustration and some new developments.

The emotional toll of student athletes carrying on without sports

There will be no in-person learning this semester, which also means there will be no high school sports either. What kind of emotional toll will this be for student-athletes? And what if you were banking on an athletic scholarship to go to college?

Grad Standouts: Joe Matthews from Oaks Christian School with his powerful documentary

In any other year, they would be celebrated with pomp and circumstance, applauded, and cheered.  But this year because of social distancing, schools aren’t able to hold graduation ceremonies.  So Good Day LA is honoring graduating seniors from the ‘Class of Covid-19’ with a new segment called FOX 11’s Grad Standouts.