Woman sues Disneyland, claims ‘Goofy’ actor ‘permanently’ injured her

Mickey Mouse and Goofy appear to be in some hot water. 

A woman who visited California Adventure two years ago has filed a lawsuit against Disneyland Resort after she claims she suffered several injuries after a cast member dressed as Goofy allegedly fell on her. 


She says the fall resulted in "severe, traumatic, debilitating and permanent injuries."

Disney has not made a public statement about the allegations.

Just weeks ago, Disneyland began removing and replacing lamp posts at the Southern California theme park as a precautionary measure after one of the posts was toppled last year and injured several visitors amid high winds. 

Three Disneyland visitors were injured in November when high winds caused a light pole to fall over on Main Street U.S.A.

An elderly woman was struck on the head and taken away on a stretcher, reported Disneyland News Today, which chronicles the happenings at the popular theme park. Another guest was seen with a head bandage, according to the website.