'Disneyland Forward' expansion unanimously approved by Anaheim City Council

The Anaheim City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to approve a $1.9 billion expansion to Disneyland, called "DisneylandForward."

The project would change zoning in the city to allow Disneyland to put more theme park attractions alongside hotels on the west side of Disneyland Drive and theme park attractions alongside new shopping, dining, and entertainment to the southeast on what is today known as the Toy Story Parking Area. There's even talk of new themed lands and a possible third park.

Tuesday's vote doesn't come as much surprise, given the City Council also voted unanimously to improve the plan last month.

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"When Disneyland grows, Anaheim thrives," Mayor Ashleigh Aitken said in a statement back in April. "[The] vote to approve the DisneylandForward Plan will benefit Anaheim for decades to come. The plan will provide important funding to the City of Anaheim to build affordable housing, enhance parks, and improve infrastructure."

The plan also requires Disney to commit nearly $50 million dollars to projects across the city of Anaheim, including $30 million for affordable housing, $10 million for sewer improvements on Katella avenue and $8 million for parks in the city.

"This project will have a positive impact for generations, boosting local businesses and enhancing benefits for residents as we welcome visitors from around the world to one of America’s greatest cities — a city with an unmatched vision for dreaming big," the DisneylandForward website read after Tuesday's vote.

Disney Parks estimates the project will create nearly 5,000 permanent jobs once it's completed and more than 8,000 construction jobs.

The approved zoning changes and ordinances to begin the project need another 30 days to take effect.