Disneyland replaces lamp posts after heavy light fixture toppled onto guests: report

Disneyland has begun removing and replacing lamp posts at the Southern California theme park as a precautionary measure after one of the posts was toppled last year and injured several visitors amid high winds. 

The park is replacing lamp posts near the Jolly Holiday and Rancho del Zocalo restaurants and Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, The Orange County Register reported. 

At least 10 lamps have been removed, MiceChat, a website that reports on happenings at Disney parks, reported.

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"Unfortunately, the boxes are awkwardly sized and a potential tripping hazard — especially in Rancho," according to MiceChat. "A low, neutral-colored box on the ground in an area where people are carrying trays and scanning for open tables. What could possibly go wrong?"

FOX Business has reached out to Disneyland. 

Three Disneyland visitors were injured in November when high winds caused a light pole to fall over on Main Street U.S.A.

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The pole fell into a flower bed near the Disneyland flag pole used for stage lighting, parades and shows along the Main Street area.

An elderly woman was struck on the head and taken away on a stretcher, reported Disneyland News Today, which chronicles the happenings at the popular theme park. Another guest was seen with a head bandage, according to the website.

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