Sixth Street bridge continues to see street takeovers, crime

LA's new Sixth Street bridge has been open less than two weeks and it's already proving to be a bit of a nightmare for police, with the latest trouble involving another street takeover Friday night, authorities said Saturday.

The bridge was closed for about two hours Friday evening because of a crash that took place around 9:55 p.m., according to Officer Rosario Cervantes of the Los Angeles Police Department.

When it reopened, an estimated 200 people arrived for a street takeover, fireworks and vandalism, the LAPD's Central Division reported.


No arrests were made on the bridge. However, the police said anyone who parks on the bridge will have their vehicles cited and/or towed, and anyone present at a bridge takeover will be cited.

Maximum enforcement will continue over the weekend, officials said.

Several other takeovers have already been reported on the viaduct, which opened to traffic July 10 after years of construction.

On Monday night, officers responded to a three-car crash on the bridge that was reportedly caused as a result of an illegal street takeover.

Videos posted on social media show cars on the bridge drifting, doing donuts in front of large crowds. One video even shows a couple of people scaling the bridge for photos. 

One viral video shows a man getting a haircut in the middle of the bridge with cars driving on both sides.

In a separate incident, LAPD Chief Michel Moore tweeted Saturday that officers responding to another street takeover had green lasers pointed at them. At least one arrest on a felony charge was made in connection with the lasers, Moore and Cervantes said.

That takeover took place on Imperial Highway at around 1:55 a.m Saturday, according to Cervantes.