3-car crash reportedly caused by illegal street takeover on Sixth Street bridge

Just a week after opening, the new Sixth Street bridge in Los Angeles is already becoming a hot spot for illegal street takeovers.

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On Monday night, officers with the Los Angeles Police Department responded to a three-car crash on the bridge that was reportedly caused as a result of an illegal street takeover and it was all caught on video.

"Unless you have someone here 24-7 guarding the bridge, it’s not going to stop" a man riding his bike is heard saying i in the video.

Witnesses at the scene said cars were doing dangerous stunts before one crashed into oncoming traffic, which is just the latest incident that’s causing frustration for commuters and law enforcement.

City maintenance crews are working to secure and expand fencing in order to discourage people from climbing on the arches. "You kidding?" a person said who spoke to FOX 11. "There are already plans to get images of someone riding a bicycle on top of one of those," he said in reference to the new fencing. 

"It’s going to be a battle," said the owner of a business at one end of the bridge. He did not want to reveal his name and said he thinks special task forces having to deal with street racing and takeovers are already overwhelmed. "Perhaps they’ll get tired after a while, at least of the bridge" he added.

Due to the illegal activity, the LAPD has been forced to close the bridge multiple times.