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Anaheim Police defends decision to not arrest off-duty officer after fight with teens

  • A look at the 'La La Land' freeway scene

  • Pregnant woman shot in South LA, killing unborn ba

  • Rainy season pushes majority of CA out of drought

  • A red X is spreading on social media today

    Red X (courtesy of End It Movement)
    Red X (courtesy of End It Movement)
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  • Amazon Echo to add CPR and lifesaving skills

  • VIDEO: Man witnesses shooting of two DC police officers, suspect

  • Acting Police Chief Newsham says DC will not enforce civil immigration laws

  • A look at the filming of 'La La Land's' impressive freeway scene


  • Trump administration lifts transgender bathroom guidance

  • Trump illegal immigration enforcement plan outlined

  • White House set for 'big immigration launch' to focus on DHS memos, official says

  • Swedes scratch heads at Trump's suggestion of major incident


  • Desery desires the sweet love of a forever family

    Desery desires the sweet love of a forever family

  • 'So You Think You Can Dance' Audtions Coming to LA

  • How to keep yourself safe from 'privacy poachers'

  • FOX 11 News In Depth: Oroville Dam, homeless students & 99-cent soul food


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Amazon Echo to add CPR and lifesaving skills

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  • You've likely seen the commercials on TV of people telling their Amazon Echo to turn on the yard sprinklers or the house lights, or some other mundane task…but now you can also ask

    Amazon Echo to add CPR and lifesaving skills

  • Twitter user @black5883 shared this video, which shows the aftermath of the shooting of two DC police officers Thursday night, with FOX 5 DC.

    Witness captures officer shooting on video

  • President Donald Trump took aim at what he calls dishonest news reports on Friday when he took the stage at the Conservative Political Action Congress on Friday.

    Trump speaks at CPAC; takes aim at what he calls dishonest news reports

  • We've gotten a lot of comments from viewers who feel that the video of the confrontation between an off duty LAPD officer and a 13-year old boy has been

    Off-duty LAPD officer fires gun during fight with teens in Anaheim (FULL VIDEO)

  • Anaheim's police chief on Thursday defended the decision not to arrest an off-duty Los Angeles police officer who fired a weapon during an altercation with a group of teenagers, saying there was

    Anaheim PD defends choice to not arrest officer

  • Brandon Todd reports.

    Detained Woman's Health Concerns

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