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Anaheim Police defends decision to not arrest off-duty officer after fight with teens

  • President Trump upped the ante in his battle...

  • FULL VIDEO: Off-duty officer fires gun in fight

  • Pregnant woman shot in South LA, killing unborn ba

  • White House opens door to crackdown on...

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  • Convictions of three men upheld for drug deal-gone-bad in Pasadena

  • Man accused of leaving racist note instead of tip for Va. waitress says receipt is fake

  • FULL VIDEO: Off-duty LAPD officer fires gun during fight with teens in Anaheim

  • Amazon Echo to add CPR and lifesaving skills


  • Trump orders new task force push to eliminate red tape

  • CPAC crowd members briefly wave Russian flags stamped with TRUMP

  • Trump speaks at CPAC; takes aim at what he calls dishonest news reports

  • Trump administration lifts transgender bathroom guidance


  • Desery desires the sweet love of a forever family

    Desery desires the sweet love of a forever family

  • 'So You Think You Can Dance' Audtions Coming to LA

  • How to keep yourself safe from 'privacy poachers'

  • FOX 11 News In Depth: Oroville Dam, homeless students & 99-cent soul food


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Vigil For Murdered Child

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  • A community prayer service is about to begin for a Pomona child who was gunned down in a drive-by shooting.

    Vigil For Murdered Child

  • The Trump administration blocked some media outlets from attending White House briefing.

    Several Media Outlets Were Barred From Attending White House Briefing

  • A family is shattered when a deadly fire rips through an apartment complex in Port Hueneme.

    Apartment Fire Kills Father & Young Son

  • FOX 5's Lindsay Watts reports.

    VIDEO: Man witnesses shooting of two DC police officers, suspect

  • FOX 5's Bob Barnard reports.

    President Trump blasts 'fake news' media in speech at CPAC

  • FOX 5's Alexandra Limon reports.

    Man accused of leaving racist note instead of tip for Va. waitress says receipt is fake

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