VIDEO: Man gets a haircut on LA's 6th Street bridge

The newly-opened 6th Street bridge in Los Angeles has made headlines in the days since its grand opening. 

It's become the newest hotspot for illegal street takeovers, as several videos posted on social media show cars on the bridge drifting, doing donuts, all in front of large crowds. One video even shows a couple of people scaling the bridge for photos. 

New video now shows the bridge as a makeshift barber shop. 

Video shared with FOX 11 from Instagram user llillyy.xo shows two men in the median of the bridge. One is sitting down on a chair while he gets a haircut from another man. A third person appears behind the two.

The incident happened Wednesday around 8:30 p.m. 

FOX 11 reached out to the LAPD for comment, and they said they had no information available. 

On Monday night, officers with the LAPD responded to a three-car crash on the bridge that was reportedly caused as a result of an illegal street takeover and it was all caught on video.

Last week the LAPD also took to social media to inform the public that "once again" the bridge was closed because of street takeovers and cars parked on the bridge.

Due to the illegal activity, the LAPD has been forced to close the bridge multiple times.