New Skid Row? Chatsworth residents fed up with homeless crisis

A new Skid Row? That's what some Chatsworth residents are saying about their community. The homeless population in the San Fernando Valley neighborhood is leaving residents frustrated.

Near the Metrolink train station on Old Depot Plaza Road, there are dozens of tents lining the street. Near the train station, someone put up a sign that read "Metro Station Chatsworth Skid Row" with a message at the bottom urging people passing by the sign to call, 213-974-3333, the number that reaches the office of Los Angeles County Supervisor Lindsey Horvath.

The sign has since been taken down as of Thursday night. But frustration remains among residents fed up with the area's homeless crisis, especially with the encampment located a short walking distance from a nearby day care center.

"It's very threatening," said Steve Van Plew, a parent. "And you have these little kids here that are under the age of four and they don't know what's going on. But we do."

Horvath said in a statement, in part, that the office is "working with the county's homeless initiative program and the city" regarding the encampment in her district.

Because the tents are on county property and the train station is on LA Metro property, there are questions as to who is responsible for addressing the problem. Los Angeles City Councilman John Lee issued a statement saying officials are working to resolve the jurisdiction issues.

As for the residents in the area, they say somebody has to do something.

"They need to communicate. And that's truly what it is, is that one county needs to get with Metro. They need to talk. The city needs to talk and figure out what we're going to do," said neighbor Jill Mather. Mather showed FOX 11 where the "Chatsworth Skid Row" sign was placed.