Blind musician trainer wants to inspire others

Ali is a blind 17-year-old who writes, produces and makes his own music. And to look good on stage he's building muscle with a trainer from his native Iraq. Leah Uko has the story from Chatsworth.

Chatsworth Metrolink train safety

It will be ten years on Wednesday when a Metrolink train collision in Chatsworth changed so many lives. 25 people died, and many more were injured. Since then, safety procedures have been completely overhauled. Hal Eisner takes an in depth look at the changes.Taking a ride on the same track, where the two trains crashed on September 12th, 2008.

Bee swarms car

Imagine having your car hijacked by bees! That's what happened to a guy in Chatsworth.

Street takeover problem

Chatsworth residents are fed up- feeling like prisoners in their own homes when wild drivers show up and take over intersections with crazy stunts.

Chatsworth church trying to help the homeless

Chatsworth residents continue to debate if and where homeless people should be allowed to park overnight. The homeless population continues to grow and one church wants to help. But the church is getting pushback from local residents.

Food truck that was stolen has been found

A Fox 11 story helped find a stolen food truck! It happened after we brought you the story on our 5 p-m newscast today of a customized food truck that was stolen this morning in Chatsworth. Viewers saw the story and called in with tips.

Food truck stolen in Chatsworth

Thieves took off with a customized food truck in Chatsworth and with it they a stole a big part of a man's livelihood. But surveillance video captured the burglary leading to the possibility of capturing the suspects.