Police chase: Driver in allegedly stolen Lowe's truck arrested after wild pursuit

A driver in a suspected stolen box truck led police on a wild chase Wednesday afternoon before his arrest by the California Highway Patrol in Ventura County.

The suspect was seen driving in West LA, Santa Monica, Malibu, and Camarillo.  

The vehicle was a delivery truck from Lowe's. It's unclear when or how the vehicle was stolen.  

While on Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, the driver was seen weaving around vehicles on the wrong side of the road.  

The suspect was also seen driving on the shoulder of the road as they made their way to Malibu.  

At least three vehicles were struck by the truck during the chase.  

LAPD patrol units backed off the pursuit and turned it over to LA County Sheriff once the suspect made their way into Malibu. 


Conditions turned dangerous when the suspect was speeding at 65 mph on PCH in the heavy rain.  

After driving through Camarillo, the driver made their way onto the southbound lanes of the 101 Freeway towards Thousand Oaks.  

While on the 101, the driver sideswiped another box truck. That driver, in a ‘Mr. Tire’ truck, then followed the suspect and appeared to attempt a pit-maneuver. At one point, the suspect intentionally rear-ended the Mr. Tire truck. The driver then kept following the suspect. The Lowe's truck managed to escape by exiting the freeway.

The driver then lost control near the Auto Center Drive exit in Ventura and crashed. But that didn't stop him, as he tried to back up on patrol units, when that didn't work, the suspect exited the vehicle and ran.   

He was then taken down by officers and arrested.