Disneyland to pump beignet smells on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure ride

Well played, Disneyland, well played. 

Tiana's Bayou Adventure, the newest attraction coming to the Anaheim theme park later this year, will transport you instantly to New Orleans with the smell of fresh beignets, according to Disneyland officials. 

Visitors to the "Princess and the Frog" inspired attraction, which replaces Splash Mountain, will smell the sweet scent of the popular dessert while standing in line. 

This isn't a new tactic, of course. Disneyland has reportedly been using machines to pump scents into attractions and themed lands for years. Maybe you'll recall the scent of baked goods and sweet treats on Main Street USA or musty smells while venturing inside the Haunted Mansion. It's all part of the experience!


In 2019, Disney patented "scent blending" to strategically release smells that match up to visuals or other sensory contexts, according to Indiana University Bloomington.

While visitors to the Anaheim theme park won't get to experience this at Tiana's Bayou Adventure until "later this year," since an official opening date has not yet been announced, the attraction will open sooner at Disney World in Florida on June 28. 

But if you're looking to stay closer to home and are craving beignets, Disneyland already sells beignets at multiple locations throughout the resort.