Crews contain Castlewood Fire in Fullerton

The Fullerton Fire Department and Fullerton police responded to the scene of a brush fire that started around 7:40 Wednesday evening at Castlewood Dr. and Gilbert Street, authorities said.

Uber, Lyft sued over Fullerton collision that injured 9

Three sisters injured when a pickup driver veered onto a Fullerton sidewalk and plowed into nine people sued Uber and Lyft today, claiming drivers for the ride-hailing companies contributed to the crash by parking illegally on the street.

Police investigating homicide of man at CSUF

Students at Cal State Fullerton are horrified. Someone was killed on campus just as the school year is about to begin. Police are looking for the killer right now.. And have warned people on the campus that the suspect is dangerous.

Man injured in Fullerton explosion

A 59-year-old man was seriously injured in an explosion on Harbor Boulevard that led to the evacuation of area businesses and shutdown of the thoroughfare.

Man dies in custody of Fullerton police

It began as a call to police. A young man causing a street disturbance in Fullerton. Non-lethal bullets., multiple tasers and a sedative injection were used to subdue him. And en route to a hospital, he stopped breathing.

At least 10 people injured in Fullerton

A chaotic scene in downtown Fullerton early Sunday morning. Just as bars and restaurants were closing a truck plows into a crowd of pedestrians. At least 10 people were hospitalized.