LA Homeless Crisis: Woman acts unruly at Sherman Oaks business, owner fed up

Video captured by FOX 11's crews showed a woman showing bizarre and unruly behavior at a Sherman Oaks restaurant is leaving the owner frustrated and fed up. While a responding LAPD officer refused to give comment on the situation, he even admitted to FOX 11's Gina Silva that "you can see the frustration on my face."

Victim of LA poop attack on homeless crisis: 'A gangster's paradise'

"If you go to the Greyhound bus station in downtown LA, it's just a steady stream of these people from all over the country who are being sent here on one way bus tickets from judges and sheriffs from around the country saying go to LA It's just a gangster's paradise."

Man opens fire on home invaders

A Sherman Oaks homeowner says survival instincts he didn't even know he had kicked in Saturday morning when he came face to face with robbery suspects inside his home.