VIDEO: Bear brings California traffic to a standstill

A bear was caught on camera bringing traffic on a busy Southern California freeway to a complete standstill. 

It happened Tuesday just after 7 p.m. at the Newhall Avenue off-ramp on the northbound 14 Freeway in Santa Clarita, according to @dan_kanes from @atlaslensco. 

The incredible video shows the bear traipsing onto the freeway in front of a few stopped cars before heading back to the shoulder and grassy area by the trees. 

It appears the bear may have just awakened from hibernation as it seemed "hungry, thirsty, and a little confused," Kanes said. 

He added that drivers showed "compassion and patience" for the bear. 

"We all safely helped usher him away from the freeway," he said. 


According to the National Park Service, bears typically hibernate from November through April, depending upon the temperatures.