Supervisor Kuehl investigation: LASD says lawyer was fired on same day warrant was challenged

The counsel to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor’s Office has reportedly terminated the sheriff's department's lawyer two days after a search warrant was served at the home of Supervisor Shelia Kuehl.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department served a search warrant Wednesday morning at Kuehl's Santa Monica home in what the department called an "ongoing public corruption investigation."

The LASD also served search warrants at other locations including the home of LA County Civilian Oversight Commissioner Patricia Giggans, as well as the LA County Hall of Administration, Peace Over Violence Headquarters, and LA Metro Headquarters. 

On Friday, LASD sent FOX 11 the following message, "In an unprecedented move of retaliation after Wednesday’s lawful service of a search warrant on the residence of Supervisor Shelia Kuehl and others, the Board of Supervisor’s Office of County Counsel has terminated the services of LASD’s legal representation. Simply put, the Board of Supervisors and County Counsel fired our lawyer the same day our search warrant was challenged in court."


They say an emergency hearing is set for September 22.

The County Counsel released the following statement in response, "We have no comment on this matter other than to note that County Counsel is monitoring this case closely and will take actions as appropriate to ensure a lawful response."

FOX 11 has reached out to the Board of Supervisors but have not heard back. 

In an exclusive live interview with FOX 11, Kuehl said the warrant to search her home "has no information on it" and was "signed by a judge who is a friend of the sheriff." She denied any wrongdoing.

Kuehl called the investigation "an effort to harass, intimidate and retaliate against a public figure who has been an outspoken critic of LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva. I am not the only such critic, and other courageous county leaders have also been the targets of this sheriff's vindictiveness."

Sheriff Villanueva has asked the California Attorney General to launch an investigation against Kuehl.