Manhattan Beach looking to deal with coyote problem by seeking trapper

Following numerous complaints of coyotes, the Manhattan Beach City Council is in the process of assessing different trapping companies, this despite objections from CA Fish and Wildlife.

For Kristin Muller, her home security video caught a coyote chasing one of several cats she lost this year.

She said she's tried everything from keeping more lights on, to keeping the garbage inside the garage and even spraying wolf urine around the property.  

She admits keeping the semi-feral cats inside all the time is next to impossible.


"As horrible as it is to see what’s happened to the cats, my fear is for the children in the neighborhood," she said.

Recent attacks on toddlers near the Huntington Beach pier and a Fountain Valley park have people in beach communities worried. 

In the Huntington Beach case, law enforcement killed the coyote that was linked with DNA to the attack of a 2-year-old playing on the sand. But trapping has remained a last option, until now - at least for Manhattan Beach.

"Not having a bird feeder, because it attracts vermin and coyote to the backyard is like blaming the victim," said Councilwomen Suzanne Hadley. CA Wildlife biologists at the council meeting warned council members that trapping and removing coyotes from an area usually ends up attracting even more coyotes from surrounding areas.

Suggestions, at least until the spring/summer surge of growing pups spreads out incudes:

  • Spreading wolf urine around your property will help scare away coyotes
  • Do away with anything that attracts vermin and anything coyotes can feed on, even bird baths and feeders
  • Keep garbage containers in the garage until garbage days
  • Clear out shrubbery or anything the coyotes can hide in
  • Install motion sensor lights
  • Keep pets indoors