Huntington Beach community discusses coyote problem

The coyote problem in Huntington Beach reaches a boiling point after a young girl was attacked.

Residents fed up with the coyotes aired their frustrations during a town hall meeting Monday night.

The meeting comes days after a little girl was bitten in the face during a coyote attack near the Huntington Beach Pier. Back on April 29, a mom and her two children were out on the beach just north of the pier and the coyote suddenly appeared and attacked the little girl around 9:45 p.m.

The girl was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. The coyote suspected of attacking the girl was fatally shot by officials. In previous FOX 11 reports, runners in the area have complained of being chased by coyotes in the area. Police also confirmed they've received reports of numerous recent sightings.

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Huntington PD also noted they have a coyote management plan.

Experts offered the following tips on how you can prevent coyotes from coming near you:

  • Remove food source
  • Avoid planting/keeping fruit trees
  • Avoid putting up bird feeders
  • Keep pet food inside