Man out on parole arrested after carjacking woman at In-N-Out in Camarillo

Ismael Arellano is accused of carjacking a woman in Camarillo while out on parole for assault with a deadly weapon. / Ventura County Sheriff's Office

A man who was out on parole for assault with a deadly weapon was arrested after he allegedly carjacked a woman in Camarillo, according to authorities. 

It happened May 17 just after 8:30 a.m. in the parking lot of the In-N-Out Burger on Ventura Boulevard. 

The suspect, Ismael Arellano, allegedly approached the woman asking to borrow her cell phone when he forcibly took her keys and drove with her vehicle, authorities said. 

Arellano voluntarily surrendered to the Los Angeles Police Department, where his parole was revoked, and he was arrested for a parole violation.


The woman's car was later recovered in downtown Los Angeles. Authorities said evidence found during a search of the car linked Arellano to the carjacking. 

Arellano, who was already in custody at the Los Angeles County jail for the parole violation, was then transferred to the Ventura County Sheriff's Office pre-trial detention facility after a search warrant was issued for his arrest.  

Arellano remains in custody with bail set at $200,000, and his next court appearance is scheduled for June 5.