FOX 11 news crew threatened while reporting on LA Metro safety concerns

A FOX 11 crew reporting on LA Metro safety concerns witnessed some of the violence themselves after a man threatened them. 

It all happened while Good Day LA reporter Gigi Graciette and photojournalist Tony Buttitta were between live shots at the LA Metro headquarters in downtown Los Angeles early Thursday morning. They thought the man was a passenger until they heard him yelling and saw him harassing other passengers waiting for the bus. 

At times, it appeared he was fighting with himself when suddenly, he turned his anger on them. 

First, he knocked down the camera, and Buttitta caught it just in time. The man then walked away but minutes later, he returned to the scene. Unprovoked, he proceeded to pick up the tripod and slammed it against the news van.

During the unprovoked incident, Graciette said the man uttered something to the news crew that was not suitable for daytime television. 

A FOX 11 reporter and photojournalist had a scary encounter while reporting on LA Metro safety concerns during the early morning hours of Thursday, April 25. 

Thankfully, FOX 11's ground crew and passengers were not injured. 

The suspect's name is unknown and FOX 11 does not plan to file charges against him. 

Graciette noted their encounter does not compare to some of the violence Metro employees and passengers have experienced. 


A Metro board meeting with LA Mayor Karen Bass is set to take place later Thursday amid attacks that have rocked the transportation company this week.