'Disneyland Forward' theme park expansion vote in Anaheim looms

Anaheim's Planning Commission is set to review and vote on the multi-billion-dollar DisneylandForward project that would expand the theme park and bring more rides, hotels, and entertainment to Anaheim.

The public meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 11 at 5 p.m. at Anaheim City Hall. You can watch it live on the city's website or YouTube channel.

This will be the first expected vote on the project after several public workshops held over the past few months. 

The City Council could consider DisneylandForward on April 16, should the Planning Commission recommend approval or should a denial be appealed to the Council, officials said.

The project calls for allowing more theme park attractions alongside hotels on the west side of Disneyland Drive and theme park attractions alongside new shopping, dining, and entertainment to the southeast on what is today known as the Toy Story Parking Area. There's even talk of new themed lands and a possible third park.


Additionally, the project calls for more parking east of the theme parks, as well as potential foot bridges across Harbor Boulevard and Disneyland Drive.

Disney has not shared any specific development plans at this stage but has pointed to attractions at parks around the world as general examples.

As part of a proposed development agreement, Disney would commit to investing a minimum of $1.9 billion in theme park, lodging, entertainment, shopping and dining within 10 years of any approval.

City officials said while the project is still in its early stages, they are looking into "an updated mix of uses, rather than a specific new land, attraction, or other use," adding that if the new zoning is approved, individual projects would still need to be reviewed by the city planning committee.

"Anaheim is open to evaluating DisneylandForward because of what visitors mean to our city. Visitors account for more than half the revenue we use to serve our residents with police, fire, libraries, community services and to pay down city debt," city officials said in a statement. "We do so with input and interest for nearby neighborhoods and businesses to ensure whatever changes we might see would be good for our community."

According to the company, Disney Parks has over 1,000 acres of land for possible future development to expand theme park space across its existing sites – the equivalent of about seven new Disneyland parks.

To learn more about DisneylandForward, tap or click here.