Car break-ins at Griffith Park targeting tourists: LAPD

Tourists and visitors to Griffith Park are warned to be aware of their surroundings when at the popular attraction as the Los Angeles Police Department reports an increase in car break-ins in the area. 

During a press conference Tuesday, Det. Michael Ventura with the LAPD said thieves are looking for rental cars, which are easily identifiable by their license plates. Thieves are also familiar with certain markings that are only on rental cars. 

Items that tend to be targeted the most are money, credit cards, IDs, passports, and/or valuables, Det. Ventura said.

There have been 121 car break-ins so far this year in the park, many of which can be attributed to Northern California theft groups, authorities said.  


Officials continue to urge visitors to stow away any valuables and do not leave anything in plain sight.

Covering 6 ½ square miles in the eastern Santa Monica Mountain range, Griffith Park is considered the largest municipal park in the nation. Located in the park are the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Greek Theatre, and Griffith Observatory. Griffith Observatory is owned and operated as a public service by the City of Los Angeles, Department of Recreation and Parks.