Glendale police warn residents of suspects using 'Wi-Fi blockers' during home robberies

Glendale police warned residents Wednesday about burglars using Wi-Fi blockers to jam home security systems.

The technology is used by burglars who want to disrupt the signals emitted by home Wi-Fi systems, rendering the home's alarm warning system ineffective. The camera does not record video of the burglars, nor does the homeowner even get a notification of a disturbance.

Unfortunately, this tactic is one that Angelenos are all too familiar with. Very recently, the Los Angeles Police Department warned Mid-Wilshire and Mid-City residents of similar incidents.


In order to avoid being targeted, security experts and law enforcement both suggest the following:

  • Hardwire your security cameras.
  • Back up your security camera system using a hard drive, not just iCloud.
  • Install backup batteries for your camera, in case of a power surge.
  • Be wary of unannounced "workers" coming to your door. Authorities said they have received calls where burglars have dressed up as construction workers, claiming to be with the city, in order to execute their robbery.
  • If you see someone carrying a Wi-Fi blocking device, call 911 immediately.