Mid-City homeowner fires on would-be robbers

A Mid-City homeowner said he thought he was going to die after a group of suspects pulled guns on him as he approached his home over the weekend-- and the attempted robbery was captured on his home surveillance cameras.

The terrifying incident happened around 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 4. The homeowner is seen on camera walking up to his house, drink in hand, taking his keys out of his pocket. 

Then, a person dressed in all-black clothing is seen rushing up to him from behind. The homeowner told FOX 11 that he was wearing earbuds at the time "which I never should have done, and I just felt someone run up behind me. Put a gun to me."

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The video shows it all happened within seconds. The homeowner threw his drink at the suspect, who ran off. The homeowner was seen on camera then pulling a gun out of his waistband and opening fire. He said he has a concealed carry permit. 

Another camera angle showed there were actually two alleged perpetrators. They jumped the home's front yard fence as the homeowner was walking from his car to his front door. The shots scared them both off.

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The homeowner told FOX 11 that he wasn't sure if he hit either of them. 

The Los Angeles Police Department said the department was investigating the attempted robbery.

The homeowner said he hopes something like what happened to him Saturday doesn't happen again.

"If anybody else ever tries to come, they're going to die for trying to come in this house," he said. "There was one shot to get in, and that was it."