Suspect in deadly LA County police chase no-shows his court date after being 'released on own recognizance'

Why would a man who led law enforcement on a high-speed pursuit and severely injured an innocent driver who later died be released without bail on his own recognizance?

Twenty-year-old Victor Duartemacias was supposed to be in Compton court on Monday morning. He never showed up, and his attorney told the court he couldn’t communicate with Duartemacias in two days.  

The pursuit happened on November 24, 2023. LA County Sheriff’s deputies were pursuing Duartemacias for a reported stolen vehicle. 

The chase ended at the intersection of Artesia Blvd and Long Beach Boulevard when Duartemacias collided with a white truck driven by Pedro Barrera. The impact was so strong it severed the 56-year-old man’s left arm. 


After six weeks in the ICU, Pedro died from multiple complications. 

"This suspect/defendant not showing up to court is not at all surprising; he’s facing serious charges. He evaded the police, and I’m surprised the judge let him out without having to post bail. It’s hard to explain, and I don’t understand it," said former prosecutor-turned-criminal defense attorney Dmitry Gorin.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department says Suspect Duartemacias was appropriately booked and charged with felony evading a peace officer with great bodily injury. 

On December 27, 2023, Suspect Duartemacias was released by Compton Court on an "OR" release but the department has no details on why the court gave him an OR.

Barrera’s family is devasted, fearing they’ll never get justice for Pedro Barrera.