Rams fan accused of putting 49ers fan in coma claims self-defense

The man arrested in connection with a violent attack outside SoFi Stadium during the NFC title game on Jan. 30 insists he was acting in self-defense, according to his attorney Ambrosio Rodriguez.

The alleged altercation left a San Francisco 49ers fan Daniel Luna in a coma.

Bryan Cifuentes-Rossell, 33, a resident of Los Angeles, is out on $30,000 bail and charged with one felony count of assault by means to produce great bodily injury.

"He's a regular person," Rodriguez says. "Someone like you and me who got himself tickets to the [NFC Championship Game] was very excited to the Rams and then this happened. This was not someone who was looking for trouble. He was literally just trying to protect himself and his friends or family from someone who was a threat."


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Citing attorney-client privilege, Rodriguez would detail Cifuentes-Rossell’s version of what happened, but referenced comments made by Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts Jr., who viewed surveillance video of the fight.

In a press conference last week, Mayor Butts said Luna was mingling in a crowd of what appeared to be 49ers fans when he pushed a man wearing a Rams jersey from behind. Butts said when Luna turned to walk away, the man pushed Luna back and punched him in the face. He says Luna to fell to the ground and hit the back of his head.

Rodriguez is critical of the City of Inglewood and Inglewood police for not releasing video of the incident to the public. 

"It’s really unfair for the City of Inglewood to arrest my client and charge him without releasing the video. If they think that this video is enough to arrest him and accuse them of a crime than they should release it. I believe they wanted to make an arrest before the Super Bowl because they want to show to the public that they have the situation handled, and they can handle security at an event as large as the Super Bowl," Rodriguez says.

The attorney goes on to say there should be more security at SoFi Stadium and that it should make changes to its alcohol policy. 

"They’re still serving alcohol at the end of the fourth quarter and alcohol consumption begins early in the morning. I'm surprised we don't have more of these incidents. It's kind of a recipe for disaster – massive alcohol consumption, tempers flare, people say the wrong things. You need a larger security presence, I think that's just common sense."

Cifuentes-Rossell is due to appear in court on August 29. Rodriguez says he’s eager to tell his story in court.

"He's been in seclusion. Having your picture all over the Internet TV and newspaper is a pretty scary thing," Rodriguez said.

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