President Biden calls Mayor Karen Bass during LA storm briefing to offer federal assistance

While President Joe Biden is no longer in town after visiting Los Angeles this weekend, he made his presence felt during Mayor Karen Bass' storm briefing Monday evening.

President Biden called Bass during the press conference to offer federal help to Los Angeles and California as they deal with the deadly storms that had begun on Sunday.

Bass broke out a cell phone and placed a mic over it as the media heard Biden's message to the public:

Look, first of all, I think you guys are undergoing one hell of an operation here and a catastrophic case of flash flooding is still, I guess, in the works. I just got off the phone with Governor Newsom. We’re working closely together, but the state is mobilized, with resources you need. If there's anything more you need from us, from my FEMA director, Deanne Criswell is on top of this along with Region 9 Administrator Bob Fenton. FEMA is well positioned with personnel, state emergency operations center, resources across the state. We’ll get any help on the way as soon as you guys request it. So just let me know, that's why I am calling.

Across California, the atmospheric river has delivered storms that are now considered deadly as officials revealed Monday that three people in Northern California were killed by falling trees.