See inside the UCLA encampment: 'City within a city'

Clean-up efforts of a pro-Palestine encampment at UCLA began Thursday following a nine-hour standoff where police dismantled the camp and arrested over a hundred protesters.

Video from the scene reveals a substantial amount of graffiti and written signs cast across UCLA's Royce Hall. The signage ranged from calls for a "Free Gaza" and "Free Palestine," to messages of profanity.

Makeshift barricades of rope, tents and trash cans are seen on video covering various building entrances, likely created to protect the encampment from infiltration at points other than the designated entrance.

An extensive amount of paper, trash and garbage remains in the area Thursday morning.

Despite law enforcement's efforts to dismantle the camp overnight, some students began returning to the camp by about 8 a.m. Thursday. 

Many protesters yelled "This is not over," and immediately hoisted the Palestinian flag to fly once again in the center of the camp.

Just before 3 a.m. Thursday, California Highway Patrol moved in to tear down the encampment. Hundreds of officers advanced on the encampment from both sides of Royce Hall. They were met with heavy resistance on the northwestern corner, but successfully reached the camp's edge on the northeast side.

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UCLA officials repeatedly called for protesters at the encampment to disperse or face arrest, as police deemed the camp an unlawful assembly.

Some protesters were seen trying to resist, shining bright flashlights in the eyes of officers. Others remained steadfast and formed a line with their arms linked, facing off with an equally long line of officers.

Over 200 protesters were arrested Thursday, according to authorities.

There was no immediate word on any injuries to officers or protesters suffered during the operation Thursday.

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The heavy police presence comes the night after a group of counter-protesters attacked the UCLA pro-Palestine encampment Tuesday night.

Video from the scene showed people attacking others with sticks while the counter-protesters attempted to invade the encampment. Fireworks and bear spray were used to attack one another, some even were beaten.

Members of a private security firm can be seen standing nearby as the chaos unfolded a short distance away. Law enforcement took over two hours to respond to the violence at the camp.

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UCLA officials have canceled in-person classes through the end of the week.

Organizers of the UCLA Palestine Solidarity Encampment issued a list of demands last week calling for divestment of all University of California and UCLA Foundation funds from companies tied to Israel, along with a demand that the university call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war and begin an academic boycott against Israeli universities, including a suspension of study-abroad programs.

The UC issued a statement in response, noting that the university has "consistently opposed calls for boycott against and divestment from Israel. While the university affirms the right of our community members to express diverse viewpoints, a boycott of this sort impinges on the academic freedom of our students and faculty and the unfettered exchange of ideas on our campuses."

The statement went on to say that UC tuition and fees are primarily funding sources for university-specific operations. They said funds are not used for investment purposes.