California DMV expands digital driver's license program: How to sign up

Ever wish you had your driver's license on your phone? If you live in California, now you can! 

The California DMV announced it has expanded its pilot program allowing drivers to get a digital license or ID card - also known as an "mDL" (mobile driver's license). 

According to the DMV website, the free pilot program is now open to 1.5 million participants. 

All you have to do is download the "CA DMV Wallet" app on iOS and Android.

But don't think about leaving your physical driver's license or ID at home just yet. 


The DMV said it's important to note that "law enforcement, state government agencies, and businesses aren't yet accepting the mDL," and "only some airports and a handful of retail locations support them."

As far as your personal info goes, the DMV says it "does not permanently store your personal data," but it does keep your phone number and an "encrypted photo of your DL/ID card."


Additionally, the mDL is only available within the app - you can't add it to your digital Apple or Google wallet just yet, but the DMV said it hopes to bring the mDL to more platforms in the future.