Missing in Mexico

A Whittier family is desperate for information about their relative. The 29-year-old man disappeared in Guadalajara, Mexico under mysterious circumstances.

Whittier Vons stabbing

A Vons employee was stabbed in the parking lot of the grocery store located in the 15700 block of La Forge Street in Whittier Tuesday evening.

Whittier students robbed

A school in Whittier warns students to walk home in groups that after two groups of students were robbed at gunpoint.

Chainsaw Attack

A Whittier man allegedly attacked his wife with a chainsaw. Police say it happened right in front of their children.

2 killed, 1 injured in Whittier crash

Two men in their 30s were killed and another person was injured this morning in a three-vehicle collision in Whittier, authorities said. FOX 11's Gina Silva reports.

New exclusive video of house fire in Whittier

A fire damages two homes and a lightning strike may be to blame. It's part of this wild weather we're seeing lately. Zohreen adamjee reports from whittier... Where she obtained exclusive video.

House hit by lightning in Whittier

Residents of whittier have a crazy weather story to tell ... That they won't soon forget. There are reports lightning hit their home.. And sparked a fire!