Southern California communities rally for Artsakh

In a display of unity and support, the Armenian community of Pasadena and the greater San Gabriel Valley came together in an organized vigil, march, and rally to stand in solidarity with Artsakh.

Demonstrators demand Schiff do more for Artsakh

Demonstrators gathered for a third day in a row outside Congressman Adam Schiff's office in Burbank, then walked over to his residence. They're demanding he do more to help bring an end to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Artsakh.

Mothers gather to raise awareness on crisis in Armenia

A group of local Armenian American mothers deeply concerned about the children and people in Artsakh braved the heat and gathered for a third round of demonstrations in front of the American Red Cross office in Los Angeles Thursday.

California Congresswoman honored for lifetime achievement

California Congresswoman Jackie Speier has introduced a resolution asking Congress to condemn Azerbaijan for its recent acts of war against Armenia. Speier, who is of Armenian ancestry, accepted a lifetime achievement award from the Armenian National Committee over the weekend for her work in the community.