New documentary shows impact of war on children

A new documentary illustrates the impact war has on children.

The Tales of The Blue Sky tells the stories of war and peace through the eyes of children.

According to the United Nations, there are more than 450 million children living in war zones in the world.

This is the highest number in the past 20 years. The ongoing war in Ukraine is to blame for this high number.

The documentary by Vruir Tadevosian shows the impact war has on children. He traveled to four bordering villages in Artsakh to talk to children.

"Through the eyes of Artsakh children, we are telling the universal story of those 450 million children suffering due to war," said Vruir Tadevosian. "When the 44-day war started. I came to this realization that an entirely new generation will feel the same, will have the same scars, will see the same tragedies and losses. I decided to never turn a blind eye. I decided to make it kind of my mission to raise the voice of these children."

The documentary will soon be available for public viewing. If you wish to make a donation or support the project visit Veterans of Armenia.