Wild police chase through LA began after woman got in screaming match with neighbors

New video shared with FOX 11 shows the moments leading up to Friday morning’s intense pursuit across West Los Angeles.
In the video taken around 4 a.m., a woman can be heard screaming.

"I was about punching her in the head and knocking her out so she could take a nap and let everybody else sleep," said Wayne Dean.

Dean is currently living in his vehicle. Early Friday morning, his car was parked next to the woman involved in Friday’s high-speed chase.

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People that live near Rose and Third avenues said they’d recently noticed the woman there, sleeping in her van.

At some point during Friday’s yelling match, someone called police. Authorities responded, and eventually the chase started across West LA.

"I booked it to the sidewalk to get out of the way," said Dean. "Well, she went backwards right into their cruiser. I mean like smashed it."

Police then initiated a pursuit across the area. The driver occasionally reached speeds around 100 mph, drove through police PIT maneuvers and slammed into cars head-on. The van finally came to a stop on Freeway 405 near Wilshire after driving the wrong direction and crashing into multiple vehicles.

Fortunately, no serious or life-threatening injuries have been reported.

The woman from the chase was apprehended while her face was covered in blood.  Traffic was backed up on Freeway 405 for hours.

"We apologize to the community for the traffic problem this morning," said Lt. Goldberg of the Los Angeles Police Department. "It was for a very important reason. We need to sequester these people. They’re a danger to the public."