VIDEO: Wildlife photographer and mountain lion come face to face in Orange County

A wildlife photographer came face to face with a mountain lion recently in Trabuco Canyon. 

Mark Girardeau told FOX 11 he has about 30 motion-activated cameras in the area and was there checking on them when he encountered the mountain lion relaxing. 

"It was kind of a stalemate because I didn't want to turn away and was hoping she would first, but she didn't," he said. 

Girardeau said the mountain lion was just lounging there, staring at him. 

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"I filmed it as she ended up walking right by me," he said. "After that, I ended up having a second encounter with her, when I saw her from my car."

Girardeau is heard calling the mountain lion in the video Uno, but wildlife officials have not confirmed if this was in fact Uno.